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Synthetic Grass Carpet
Starting at UGX 70,000 Per Square Meter
Starting at UGX 30,000 Per Meter
Woolen wall to wall Carpets
Starting at UGX 35,000 Per Square Meter
Thick woolen wall to wall Carpets
Starting at UGX 45,000 Per Square Meter
fluffy, shaggy CENTER CarpetS
Starting at Ugx 220,000.
Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.
Beautiful Wallpapers
Available at Ugx 15,000 a meter or Ugx 80,000 a roll.
Starting at Ugx 180, 000.

We offer the following services.

1. We lay floor carpets including Artificial turf (grass carpet), woolen carpet, Galaxy, Checked in all places.
2. We install curtains, and curtain blinds in all places .
3. We fix wallpapers in all places.
4. We lay PVC carpets and plastic tiles in all places.
5. We have all colors and designs of center carpets in all sizes.